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Abacus X-series Collection

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The Abacus brand, known for its innovation and success in the world of Swedish golf clothing, approached us with a unique challenge: to create both the name and visual identity for their most groundbreaking and functionally advanced capsule collection of protective golf clothing to date. In close collaboration with Abacus' talented design and marketing team, our combined efforts led to the birth of the X-Series Collection concept. This concept is characterized by its clean lines, technical precision, and functional features from the 37.5® material, making it a standout in Abacus' distinguished line of collections. Our work extended beyond concept creation. Paarts embarked on the meticulous task of crafting a new logotype and brand identity tailored to this premium and technically advanced collection. This included designing all the essential elements such as trims, labels, hang tags, and symbols.

A close up photo of the logo abacus x-series on a piece of clothingA close up photo of a piece of paper with washing instructionsA photo of a zipper with the brand abacus x-seriesClose up photo on the logo abacus x-series on a piece of clothing.A piece of paper with the logo abacus x-series.

In addition to the brand identity, we partnered with Abacus to develop a comprehensive range of imagery and a catalog that perfectly showcases the collection. This strategic effort ensured that the X-Series Collection was unveiled in a timely and impressive manner. The X-Series Collection now stands as one of Abacus' best-performing and most sought-after collections to date. It's a testament to the power of innovation, design, and partnership in the world of golf fashion.

Close up of a text from a magazine showing an ad for abacus x-series.A magazine with an ad from abacus x-series.A magazine for the brand abacus x-series.
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